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What People Are Saying

Derrick Meadows

Production Superintendent

ExxonMobil Upstream/XTO Energy

There are only two courses related to rod pumping that I would recommend and Jeff’s is certainly one of those. He brings a passion and perspective unmatched by any of his peers that is evident to all who attend. Jeff’s experience with and explanation of the entire rod pumping system makes him one of the foremost instructors on the topic. Especially as it relates to the seeming lost art of dynagraph interpretation. People in the Permian Basin with this level of understanding of rod pumping are becoming a dying breed and we need many more like Jeff to enhance the optimization movement going forward. It’s quite possible that all of the newer, unconventional gas lift wells operated by various companies throughout the Basin will one day be produced by a rod pump. We will certainly need experts in the field before that happens and the level of training and material that Jeff provides is one of the keys to get us there.

Seth Cunneen

Engineering Manager

CrownQuest Operating

Jeff’s class is essential for any operator that is committed to continuous improvement and optimization. We send all of our production engineers, foremen, and senior lease operators to the BREX courses. Jeff’s classes have helped enhance our company’s systemic understanding of rod pumping design, analysis, and optimization. I highly recommend it.

Sam G Gibbs, PhD

Co-founder of Nabla Corporation

Co-inventor of the SAM rod pump controller

Father of the downhole pump dynagraph card

Jeff meets the public very well. People relate to him easily. I admit to be one of his admirers.  He is special to me like being the son that I never had.

I am indebted to Jeff for proving the Gibbs Conjecture and elevating it to the status of theorem. We co-authored a paper which he presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Society of Petroleum Engineers in Anaheim, CA. I played a minor role, only as historian. In the process, Jeff discovered a hitherto unknown exact solution of the viscously damped wave equation. This is what Poincare called the telegraphy equation. This equation is useful in diagnosing problems in oil wells using a certain artificial lift method. Jeff’s discovery proves the value of probing around in dark corners. He is an inquisitive person and is not afraid to tackle hard problems.

Ken B Nolen, PE

Co-founder of Nabla Corportation

Co-inventor of the SAM rod pump controller

Jeff, Your schools are already the best offered on rod pumping; however, I admire at your continuing efforts to improve their quality.

I have known Jeff for 16 years and I have attended his classes and taught with him as a team.  He's a born teacher—it’s in his DNA. With his academic background and experience in rod pumping Jeff has gained superior knowledge that he enthusiastically imparts to his students. You won't go to sleep in his class.

Donny Susan

Completions/Operations Superintedent

EXL Petroleum

I first met Mr. DaCunha in 2008, since that time I’ve learned the true meaning of optimization though his courses and in field training that we’ve done together over the years. With implementing his optimization methods, I’ve seen increased run time between well failure, increased production, electrical savings and significant decrease in my LOE cost. The way Mr. DaCunha breaks down the components of the rod pumping system, well analysis, dynagraph interpretation, and rod design makes it so easy to train my Lease Operators, Well Techs and Production Foreman. 

Instructor Bio

Jeff DaCunha graduated with his PhD in mathematics in 2004 from Baylor University. Immediately upon graduation, he was awarded the Davies Postdoctoral Research Fellowship position, which is a join appointment as a mathematics professor at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY and an Army researcher at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Aberdeen, MD.

After this fellowship, he moved back to Texas and began working at Lufkin Automation in 2006. Upon his hiring, he became the understudy of Sam Gibbs, PhD and Ken Nolen, PE, cofounders of Nabla Corporation and inventors of the wave equation technique for downhole dynamometers. Using his mathematics and programming background, Jeff sought to absorb as much knowledge as possible from Sam and Ken.

In 2007, Jeff requested a transfer to Midland to become an artificial lift technician and begin taking on the responsibilities of industry course instruction for the company. The idea was to complement the technical and theoretical knowledge he was gaining with field experience, leading training courses, and further mentoring from Sam and Ken on location, weighing wells and shooting fluid levels.

When it comes to knowledge of the rod pumping system, Jeff's combination of technical and theoretical knowledge, teaching industry classes, and working side by side with Ken and Sam for over 16 years has put him in a class by himself. With his endless energy and passion for the subject, you will not find a better instructor in the world.

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